What is LyveBee?

LyveBee is an online service platform that matches clients with consultants, providing them with personalized solutions. LyveBee is committed to providing you with the resources to expand your business and accomplish your goals. LyveBee’s success lies in its commitment towards its community, assisting others and helping you grow. We believe that our community speaks for itself and will provide users with quality service. We love the progression aspect of starting a business and would love to help jumpstart someone’s care

reasons why you should start Freelancing:

  1. Quick Implementation – Starting your own business may seem like a daunting task; however, with the help of online services and platforms, starting your own business is simplified. Through LyveBee’s intuitive platform, users can quickly create a professional profile, highlighting their brand and business. Within 5 minutes you are ready to start accepting clients.
  2. Brand Recognition – By joining LyveBee, independent contractors and consultants now have the ability to reach thousands of people instantly. LyveBee matches your profile directly with the needs of potential clients so that you are able to connect with your target audience and further expand your brand and business.This is one of the many reasons that independent contractors and consultants are interested in “Freelance” platforms – they allow you to extend the scale of your business from local to global, fairly easily.
  3. Available Anytime – Many freelancers workers chose to run their business through these online service platforms because of the job’s flexibility. Through Lyvebee, you can work according to your schedule. Whether you freelance full time or chose to make extra income on the side, the flexibility of service platforms removes historical restraints on standard working hours. Online service platforms also create more opportunities for work as both clients and consultants can access the platform 24/7.
  4. Remote Access (Work from anywhere) – Technology, in the 20th century, has evolved immensely. Through smart phones and the ability to connect to the internet from almost anywhere, people are able to work not just anytime but anywhere. Former hobbyists can now easily make extra income by working directly from their homes. Freelance consultants and small business owners also don’t need to worry about a store front or formal office. Through LyveBee, your profile becomes your store front allowing you the flexibility to work from anywhere
  5.  Do Work You Love!! – Through Lyvebee you can turn a hobby, passion or skill into a personal brand and business. The LyveBee community ranges from professionals to enthusiasts – all groups of people who want to share their skills and knowledge with others. Join LyveBee to pursue your passion and discover how rewarding it can be to love your job.



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