Why LyveBee?

Our Mission:

  1. We aspire to solve everyday problems by instantly connecting you with people that personalize your needs.
  2. Enable users to build their brand and capitalize in the digital market.

Why Us?

LyveBee is an online service platform that matches clients with consultants, providing them with personalized solutions. LyveBee is committed to providing you with the resources to expand your business and accomplish your goals. LyveBee’s success lies in its commitment towards its community, assisting others and helping you grow. Compared to other platforms, LyveBee will only charge a 7% commission fee per exchange.

You might ask why so low? Or what’s in it for LyveBee? It’s simple, we believe that our community speaks for itself and will provide users with quality service. We love the progression aspect of starting a business and would love to help jumpstart someone’s career. To sign up as a consultant/client, please visit us at https://lyvebee.com.

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