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Are you a wellness consultant or a fitness enthusiast looking for more business? Would you like to expand your reach and create a loyal following? With such an immense global marketplace, it’s sometimes hard to carve out a niche and find new clients. As they say, there is strength in numbers, and when you join LyveBee’s unique online community, you connect with colleagues and customers as if they are right in your own neighborhood.

With a growing global market, community is important for your business

Think of some of the communities you’re currently involved with. Do you have a special group of friends? Are you a member of a sports team? How about a school community or a professional networking group? We all depend on relationships for friendship, socialization and support. In the business world, communities are important as well. They consist of employees, customers, followers, fans, investors, and all who help build the community to keep the brand up and running. A successful community can increase your bottom line, but it also creates a positive culture around your brand that attracts clientele, employees and those who make up your network.

Large brands often have thriving communities. Take Starbucks, for example, whose “My Starbucks Idea” invites coffee enthusiasts to share and discuss their ideas. This online forum makes customers feel valued, and it provides feedback for the company. The insight helps Starbucks learn what motivates its clientele and how their preferences change over time. Another example of a flourishing community is Sephora, the multinational beauty and personal care company. Their forum called “Beauty Talk” is a platform where customers can ask questions, search for answers and get recommendations from both Sephora experts and fellow shoppers. Fans can upload pictures of themselves wearing Sephora products, which keeps customers engaged.

But What About Small Businesses? 

What do you do though, if you’re a solo practitioner or a small business? You might have a website or an email list, but how do you attract new customers and grow your community? One way is to join our “hive”, where you automatically have greater exposure because you’re already part of our large established network.

We all do better when we feel like we’re part of a group. Starting a business can be lonely at times. Finding and building a community of people you trust is important for your company’s success. Whether you participate in personal networking opportunities, local meetup groups or connect with people online, the support system you receive from the group can help you grow your business. As your community becomes larger, marketing becomes easier as people spread the word. 

LyveBee supports both practitioners and clients

LyveBee’s community is set up as a unique social marketplace. As a practitioner, not only can you sell your products and services, you’re able to connect with other professionals and enthusiasts in your field as part of the larger health and wellness community. You can ask questions and share information. Be creative, and develop novel marketing strategies by yourself or with others using our network. Develop a rapport with fellow entrepreneurs and make a name for yourself. Your following grows as you team up with people who are invested in seeing you succeed.

Our platform is highly interactive, which allows your clients to connect with you in numerous ways. You can have one-on-one appointments by video or phone conferencing. Hold group classes if you’d like. Or, direct them to your website to purchase products and add-on services. Your like-minded clients can discuss and interact with each other in a professional but fun environment. Continually engage your customers on our site by using a variety of chat features, that keeps them coming back for more!

Communities model cooperation instead of competition

As some in the wellness arena say, “community is healing.” There is a nurturing aspect to the idea of a community, and when we help each other, even other businesses, we are helping ourselves as well. We can all benefit when we work toward the common good. A community gives us the opportunity to pool our strengths and to assist others in ways we might not be able to do as individuals. Many business owners find that communities foster cooperation rather than competition.

When individuals in a community support one another, it can open up avenues for sharing knowledge, even across different industries or disciplines. This helps move your business forward. Practitioners who collaborate in communities often find that there is more than enough business to go around!

Scale your business more easily by joining our community

Building your own online interactive community can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re a small company or solo practitioner. With LyveBee’s platform, all the work is done for you. LyveBee helps you market your business, making you and hundreds of other businesses visible to millions of potential customers. 

Make real human connections using LyveBee, an innovative community platform matching you with your perfect clients

One of the signature tenets at LyveBee is to provide real, timely, human interactions between practitioners and clients. In an ever more impersonal world, we stand out by giving you a way to make more personal connections. LyveBee gives your community a place to gather, to communicate and to grow.

Our tribe at LyveBee is made up of dedicated and excited people who strive every day to make the world a little better by making it more connected. We invite you to develop and expand your community on our thriving platform. Join the hive today and get your business buzzing! 

Learn more – We look forward to talking with you…in person!

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