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There’s no greater feeling than setting your own schedule, working wherever in the world you want, and being the boss of your life! Whether you’re on the hunt for a remote job, or thinking about starting a new personal business, here are some great tips and tricks on working remotely.


  1. Better Work-Life Balance
  • Many remote jobs come with great flexibility, where your start and end of day can be catered to what’s best for you. Having the flexibility to work, take a break mid-day when needed, and go back into work is invaluable. This is especially important if you are a parent and need to pick up kids form school, attend doctor’s appointments, or run errands.

2. Time & Money Saving (commutes, etc)

  • Many commutes range from 30 minutes to 2 hours one-way depending on traffic and place of residency. That’s nearly 1-4 hours spent each day commuting to and from work that can be used for a more useful and efficient task. Remote work lessens commutes and gains productivity to your schedule with more time. You will also be saving money on gas expenses, parking fees, and other transportation costs that can be allocated back to your pocket.

3. Improved Health

  • By being able to work remotely and having more time that is not spent on commuting, you’ll have more time for physical activity and ability to eat healthier. You’ll also be able to create the space that works best for your productivity, thus enhancing your work experience and mental capacity.


  1. Over-communicate to your Client or Team

One of the key factors to being successful in the workforce is communication, and this is especially important for remote work. Since coworkers or clients are no longer a cubicle distance away, it is important to be transparent with the progress of your project to your clients and team. This may be through video or voice chats through skype, zoom, or simply through follow-up emails. It is important to execute projects with great quality even though the work is in the comfort of your home or location.

2. Consider your workspace

  • Since you are no longer in the office cubicle, your workspace is what you make of it. IT is important to set yourself up for success in an environment where you can thriving productively and focus on your projects and daily tasks. This could be a designated spot at home, a favorite spot at your local coffee shop, or a neighborhood library.

3. Take time for self-care

  • Since “work time” and “play time” are blurred, it is important to carve out some designated time to be off the screen. While it is important to see your projects to completion, it is especially important to spend some time for yourself away from work, whether that be reading a personal book, doing a hobby, or doing your favorite pastime. With great flexibility comes great responsibility, especially to your own physical and mental health.

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