Benefits of an Online Fitness Consultant

It’s never too late to be a healthier and stronger version of yourself! Do you have limited time and energy to go to the gym? Is a gym membership outside your budget but you still want to have an active lifestyle? Looking for someone to keep you accountable for your new year fitness goals? An online fitness consultant may be the perfect alternative for you to stay fit this year! From initial consultation, to coordinating your online fitness plan, to getting your workout on, the process for having an online fitness consultant is fast and convenient.

Your Future Fitness Coach at Lyvebee

Lyvebee has an array of professionals that can offer you online support in your fitness journey! Priyanka Singh, a certified yoga trainer from one of the best yoga institutes in the world! Priyanka can help you achieve your fitness goals through various forms of yoga such as hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga, as well as other cardio/body weight exercises.

3 Core Benefits of an Online Fitness Consultant

  1. Flexibility

Your schedule is important, whether you work late at night or early mornings, an online fitness consultant works on your time. Standard gyms may have restricted hours, but an online fitness coach will be available whenever it is best for you. You’ll also have a personalized exercise and diet plan that is catered to your body type and goals. The online coach will also be sure to consider your physical limitations and prior surgeries to decrease your risk of injury and set you up for success. You’ll be able to meet your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home!

2. Affordability

Be a better version of yourself with the fraction of a cost of a normal gym membership. Online fitness consultants can charge less than a gym membership, giving you more bang for your buck! Depending on your needs, online personal training can cost as low as $25 per month! You’ll have the chance to choose between a wide selection of trainers with different expertise, making it easier for you to find one that is best for you.

3. Accountability

With an online fitness coach, you’ll have an accountability buddy that will have daily or weekly progress check-ins with you, ensuring you’re receiving the support and motivation you need to be successful. You will also be keeping yourself accountable, by not having excuses such as having no gym facility near you, or if you travel frequently for work, online personal training comes with you wherever you might go.

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