Hive against COVID-19!

LyveBee, a platform that connects individuals and groups over live video—for classes, commerce, tutoring, and advice and communication of all kinds—is offering its services 100% free during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you want to keep in touch with your clients, students, friends, collaborators, congregants, etc., we provide a forum and the technology to bring all of you together in real time. No time limits and up to 25 participants, free of charge. No catch, no hidden costs, no obligations.

Why Choose LyveBee?

1. Unlike simple video providers, when you use LyveBee you are building your personal or business brand and reputation. That’s because after every session your participants have the option to leave you reviews, ratings and feedback that strengthen your brand.

2. On LyveBee, your calendar is built into your profile, so your sessions are scheduled for you based on your preferences and availability.

3. We provide an integrated payment service, so if you wish to charge your participants a fee, now or in the future, LyveBee will take care of all the billing for you.

4. While some video platforms provide “free” options, they won’t allow you to hold sessions with large number of participants, or for an unlimited amount of time, without paying hefty subscriptions. Not so with LyveBee—no time limits on your sessions! And connect with up to 25 participants easily.

(If you need to hold sessions with more than 50 participants, reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your options.)

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