What Is Your Mental Health Worth To You?

We emphasize physical exercise so strongly, but what about mental exercise? Ask yourself: “what do I do on a daily basis (or even weekly) to exercise my mind?” “Do I make it a point to build my mental strength as much as I do my physical strength?” “What kind of exercises might I do regularly to work on my mental strength and stability?”

Maybe you need a fitness instructor for your mind like Rajni Tandon. Did you know that meditation actually reverses the aging of your brain? Even better news is that meditation is one of her specialties. With 30 years of experience in reshaping lives, she’ll give you 60 minutes that will absolutely workout your mind.

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LyveBee offers the opportunity for you to meet and connect with someone to tell them more about you. You can connect with someone just to vent, to turn your hobby into a business, or anything in between!

Tips to Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Mind

1. Open yourself up to talking to someone else.

Allow yourself to release and allow your mind to breathe. Take in another opinion from someone with a different outlook. What better than to have a personal consultant at your fingertips? You’ll be able to talk to real people about real problems and in the knowledge that everything you say is fully confidential, without even having to step foot in an office! Reach out to Ira G. She’s a mental wellness coach who will let you just vent while she listens with empathy. She believes that we all need someone to talk to with no intention of judgment.

2. Find a hobby. Growing up, we all had things we loved doing in our spare time.

Let’s bring those times back into our daily lives. Remind yourself of something that you enjoyed doing growing up or something that you’re interested in now. Doing this in your spare time can help water the mind. Keep yourself aware that there is more to life than just the repetitive schedule we seem to fall into. This will give you something to look forward to. Maybe even start a business! Don’t know how? Sit down, relax on your couch and chat with a live consultant on all things business to really kick things into gear for you. Marinela Miclea is a writing and social media professional. Marinela has multiple marketing certifications and 15 years of experience. She can be the missing piece to help market your idea and direct more attention to it.

3. Put into the world what you want to receive.

The energy that we give off is the energy that we’ll get back. Test this proposition. See what a shift in your energy can do to others around you and to your mindset and emotions as well. We tend to carry stress and project it on others rather than just deal with it and move on. It’s understood that it’s a different challenge for everyone but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be overcome. Take some meditation lessons, learn about essential oils, boost your self esteem and so much more. Having a consultant in the palm of your hand will make it so simple for you to recenter wherever you are and whenever you want.

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